The birth of a Philips lamp

Het ontstaan van een Philips lamp

Cabinet containing all steps of the production of a Philips Arga and Argenta lamp.
Built December 1928.

Kastje met daarin alle fasen van de productie van een Philips Arga en Argenta lamp.
Gedateerd December 1928.

1 = Glass rod
2 = Glass tube with flange
3 = Glass tube (stalk) for pumping vacuum and filling the lamp with Argon gas.
4 = 1 , 2 and 3 melted together with the two power wires to a so called "bridge" or "set"
5 = The fillament on support eys connected to the power wires.
6 = 0.033 mm thick Wolfram wire used for the fillament.
7 = molybdenum wire used for the support eys.
8 = The bulb made of clear glass for the Philips Arga lamp (for the Argenta lamp the bulb is made of white glass.
9 = The "bridge" melted in the bulb, Throug the stalk (3) the lamp is pumped vacuum and filled with Argon gas.
10 = The Edison socket mounted to the bulb with a special kind of plaster.
The power wires are soldered to the both copper parts of the socket.
11 = Philips Arga lamp ready for use.
12 = Philips Argenta lamp ready for use.